Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Does the stair lift need to be serviced on a regular basis?

Answer:   Yes it is recommended that it be serviced at least once per year.


Question:  Do stair lifts come with a warranty?

Answer:   Warranties vary by manufacturer but most come with some type of warranty.


Question:  Do batteries and a charger come with the stair lift?

Answer:   Yes if the stair lift is battery operated.


Question:  How long do stair lift batteries last?

Answer:   There are several factors to consider but generally 3 to 4 years.


Question:  What is the weight capacity of a stair lift?

Answer:   Most stair lifts can handle up to a 300 lbs.


Question:  Can other people still use the stairs if I install a stair lift?

Answer:   Yes most stair lifts have foldable armrests, footrest, and seat.


Question:  Does Medicare cover the cost of a stair lift?

Answer:   Unfortunately not at this time.