Platform Lifts

Platform Lifts by Harmar

Harmar platform lifts move users and their mobility devices safely from 4 to 14 feet. Compact, with a small footprint, they are a natural fit for areas near staircases, decks, porches or any raised architectural element. They are easy to install and operate, and virtually maintenance-free. We have vertical platform lifts and incline platform lifts. Click Here for PDF

Platform Lifts Portland, Oregon


Vertical Platform Lift


A Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL), also known as Porch Lifts, are a great lift option for indoor and outdoor access. Whether you are having fun summer barbeque, a simple get together on a deck, or gaining access into a home, a VPL or Porch Lift offers you full access to your home and yard without the burden of transferring out of your power chair, scooter, or wheelchair.


Incline Platform Lift


An inclined platform lift allows users to remain seated in their manual wheelchair while using the lift. No transferring required, just roll-on, and roll-off, its that simple. A safe easy way to gain full access to the upper level of your home. The IL500 folds to a space saving 13” and accommodates up to 500lbs. The Sierra has the patented helical worm drive for a smooth and energy efficient ride. No messy grease or lubricants, safety sensors for peace of mind.